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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Study Abroad Guide and Forum for Australian Students

Hey Guys

I think you should check out the Forums for Australian University students at - Guide to Study Abroad or

Its really helpful, as it lets you

- Discuss your problems with other students
* Connect New students with New Students joining the same university
* Connect New students with old students studying or an alumni of the university
* Connect Old students with old students studying or an alumni of the university

- It also lets people meet according to their university, which means
* You interact with people in your university
* Find people doing the same subjects as yours
* Find people in your facults

- Jobs
* Advertisers can post their job
* Students can help others with links to job URL (websites)
* Students can find jobs
* Students can apply for a job
* Students can request jobs

- Find a place
* Advertisers can advertise a place to rent or sell
* Students can find room partners
* Students can request for room partners
* Students can find a place to rent or buy

-Find a book
* Advertisers advertise/sell their books and notes
* Students can request/buy for a book or notes
* Students can find/buy advertised books or notes

-Buy And Sell Anything Easily Freely
* Advertise whatever else you wish for clothes, television, furniture
* Students Get them cheap and easily here

* Chat online with your friends

All this is for new and old Students studying in Australia



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